Drip guard

Required DURABASE WS products

Self-adhesive wall waterproofing kit for dry wall and floor waterproofing.

1 waterproofing membrane 1 m x 30 m; 2 spray primer; 3 corner tape 120 mm x 50 m; 4 base sealing tape 50 m;
5 Mounting aid: squeegee; 6 2x wall sleeves 1/2″; 7 drip protection sleeve; 8 Mounting instructions.

Waterproofing membrane

Inside and outside corners

Base sealand

Corner tape with trowel protection

Installation instructions for drip protection collar

1. position the sealing collar centrally to the connection.

2. spread the insertion sleeve slightly (detail) and place it on the sealing sleeve.

Push the insertion sleeve over the fitting with both thumbs in the direction of the pipe connection.

Use the insertion sleeve to push the collar of the sealing sleeve over the pipe connection. The sleeve collar must sit with tension on the water connection!

Remove the insertion sleeve.

6. screw in the construction plug.

Fold the sealing collar towards the center.

8. continue to turn inward once again.

Wrap the sealing sleeve folded in this way around the side of the construction plug.

10. the sealing sleeve is held together by the insertion sleeve.

11. plaster the wall surface.

Prime the wall surface.

Remove the insertion sleeve. Unfold the sealing sleeve. Carefully remove any residual sliding grease. The sealing surface of the sealing sleeve must remain absolutely grease-free! Remove protective foil.

Press on the sealing sleeve firmly with the spatula.

Apply corner tape to the sealing sleeve and roll it tightly.

Cut the sealing strip horizontally and cut it out at the pipe penetration.

Replace the lower part of the sealing strip. Proceed with the wall waterproofing.


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