Inside/outside corners and corner tape

Required DURABASE WS products

Self-adhesive wall waterproofing kit for dry wall and floor waterproofing.

1 Waterproofing membrane 1 m x 30 m; 2 Spray primer; 3 Corner tape 120 mm x 50 m; 4 Base sealing tape 50 m;
5 Mounting aid: squeegee; 6 2x wall sleeves 1/2″; 7 drip protection sleeve; 8 Mounting instructions.

Waterproofing membrane

Inside and outside corners

Base sealant

Corner tape with trowel protection

B Seal transitions between wall/wall and wall/floor with inside/outside corners and corner tape.

Attaching the self-adhesive inner and outer corners and corner tapes.

The inner corners (a) ensure absolute tightness at the intersection of the overlapping corner tapes (b ) in the area of the remaining fillet (c) . The flexible PE foam compensates for unevenness

in the area of the wall and floor.

2. the inside corner is folded (1-4) and shortened if necessary (see Fig. B 3).

3. self-adhesive inside and outside corners can be shortened up to 50 mm circumferentially.

Push the pyramid down in the corner to approx. 1 cm above the base, pull off the cover foil at the bottom. Slide the pyramid all the way down the wall and press it to the floor.

The 3 edges of the inner corners must fit tightly in the corner of the room! The tip of the inner corner can be shortened if necessary.

6. then peel off the cover foils of the side parts (2+3) and glue the erected inner corner onto the two walls (4).

Fold the corner adhesive tape (1). Remove the protective film slightly at the top left (2). Place the corner tape halves on top of each other, place the fold in the corner of the room at the top (3) and press on. Press on the left half of the corner tape with the squeegee (4). Remove the right protective film (5) and press on the corner tape with the squeegee (6).

8. 1. wipe the outer or inner corner with a wet cloth. 2. wipe dry. 3a or 3b Bonding of the sealing sheet to the outside or inside corner.

9. attach the corner adhesive tape: At the inside corners, the corner tapes must be beveled at 45° to miter (see Fig. B1). The corner tapes must not overlap! (Too high build-up height!)

10. example: Apply self-adhesive inside corner in the wall/wall/niche floor corner, shorten beforehand if necessary, see B 5.

11. example: Apply self-adhesive inside corner in the wall/tub/floor corner. If necessary, the self-adhesive inner corner can be cut to fit.

12. position the inner corner starting at the top. Pull off the cover foils downwards. Apply the corner tape as shown in Fig. B 7. Press on with squeegee.

All pipe penetrations (e.g. 1/2) are protected with wall sle eves: 1. put the sleeve with membrane over the protective plug 2. remove the cover foil 3 . press the sleeve on without bubbles.

14. all pipe penetrations (e.g. DN50) are protected with wall sleeves: 1. put sleeve with membrane over the construction protection plug 2. remove cover foil
Press on the sleeve until it is free of bubbles.


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