Floor sealing

Required DURABASE WS products

Self-adhesive wall waterproofing kit for dry wall and floor waterproofing.

1 Waterproofing membrane 1 m x 30 m; 2 Spray primer; 3 Corner tape 120 mm x 50 m; 4 Base sealing tape 50 m; 5 Installation aid: squeegee; 6 2x wall sleeves 1/2″; 7 Drip protection sleeve; 8 Installation instructions.

Floor sealing

Domestic bathroom with bathtub and shower at floor level

1. glue the inner corner into the corner, see picture B 2 – B 6.

2. bevel the base sealing strip in the area of the inside corner to 45° using a cutter or scissors (miter).

Pull off a piece of the protective film on the back, fold up the sides of the fleece strip 90° towards the wall and apply the tape in the inside corner.

Remove the remaining protective film and press on the base sealing tape with a spatula.

Cut off the protruding inner corner at the top parallel to the base sealing strip using the cutter.

Remove the protective film slightly at the beginning of the sealing strip. Position the sealing strip on the non-woven strip of the base sealing tape, starting in the corner.

Remove any remaining protective film and press the sealing sheet firmly to the floor.

Place the sealing strips continuously on the fleece-free edge strip.


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