Floor level shower

Required DURABASE WS products

Self-adhesive wall waterproofing kit for dry wall and floor waterproofing.

1 Waterproofing membrane 1 m x 30 m; 2 Spray primer; 3 Corner tape 120 mm x 50 m; 4 Base sealing tape 50 m; 5 Installation aid: squeegee; 6 2x wall sleeves 1/2″; 7 Drip protection sleeve; 8 Installation instructions.

Wedge shaped corner on floor level shower
with corner tape + trowel protection

1. sealing sealing wedge (step 20 or 28 mm)

2. sealing wedge for floor-level showers (corner installation).

3. installation of the wedge at the junction of wall/shower, wall/floor and shower/floor. To do this, peel off the protective foils one at a time in the sequence 1-3 and glue them in place.

4. attach the inside corners and connect them with corner tape.

5. prime inside corners and sealing wedge on wall/floor with primer spray.

6 Prepare and apply the corner tape: The ends of each of the three corner tapes must be mitered at the inside corners (see Figs. B 1 and B 8). The corner tapes must not overlap! (Too high build-up height!)

7. attaching the corner tape to the sealing wedge: the corner tapes must not overlap! (Too high build-up height!) Roll all corner tapes tightly.ee

8. corner tape on the shower channel: cut out the inner body with a knife.

Provide the entire wet area on the wall and floor with waterproofing membranes.

F 10. Cut out the sealing strip on the inside of the shower channel body with a knife.


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